Volunteers (Greater Fort Erie Minor Hockey)


Volunteer Bond Policy


If you have met the criteria below and would like to request a bond payment, please complete the form at the following link.  Cheques will be mailed in the first week of each December, January, February and March.

Click Here -----> Volunteer Reimbursement!

  1. GFEMHA will collect one $50 volunteer bond per child registered in any of our programs with the exception of the beginners program.
  2. This bond will be refunded after a parent/guardian has volunteered 5 hours per $50 bond.
  3. Any Coach, Trainer, Manager or On Ice helper is required to be fully certified for their position as per the Hockey Canada Guidelines.
  4. Coaching refunds, including on-ice helpers, will be paid back at a maximum of 5 per house league team and 6 per rep team.
  5. In the house league, for the 2018-2019 season teams must have a fully qualified coach and trainer for the on ice helpers to receive their refund and for the 2018-2019 season onwards house league teams must have a fully qualified coach, assistant coach and trainer for the on ice helpers to receive their refund.
  6. Non-coaching/instructional volunteer position will be posted online as they become available.
  7. No volunteer bond will be refunded for anyone who has any outstanding dues to Fort Erie Minor Hockey.
  8. Volunteer bonds will be refunded prior to the end of each season.

Volunteer Bond Frequently Asked Questions

Why does GFEMHA collect a volunteer bond?

The bond was put in place to help increase the amount of volunteers we have and run a program that is more enjoyable for every participant.

I think I am doing something already that qualifies to receive my bond back, or I have a great idea for volunteering that I think will help GFEMHA as a whole, who do I contact? 

Please contact the current GFEMHA Director of Volunteer Coordination & Fundraising.

Why can I not use volunteer fundraising activities for my child’s team to fulfill my volunteer hours? 

Parents doing fundraising activities for their child’s teams are for the direct and sole benefit of their child and their child’s team.   We need to build our volunteer base for the Association for the future to maintain the sustainability of our volunteer run organization.

Why does my volunteer coaching not count if I do not have valid coaching/trainer certification?

It is a requirement of Alliance Hockey/OMHA, Ontario Hockey Federation and Hockey Canada that every team has at least one coach with valid coaching certification and at least one trainer with valid trainer certification (in addition to Respect in Sport).  Every team requires an approved roster and we cannot get a roster approved without a certified coach and trainer.   No team without an approved roster can attend a tournament or the House League Championships. 

The trainers clinic and respect in sport clinic (both online) are available any time at http://forteriehockey.com/Pages/1431/Trainers/ – you can do these two clinics from the comfort of your home in your pyjamas if you like and they can be done over several sessions (ie don’t have to do them all at once).  

Information on the coaching clinics can be found at http://forteriehockey.com/Pages/1430/Coaches/

GFEMHA will reimburse the cost of the clinics to any volunteers going on one of our house league rosters – we only need the copy of the payment receipt, confirmation of course completion and for which team you are going on the roster.   

I am unsure if I have the appropriate certifications, how do I find out if I do?

Please contact the GFEMHA Director of Development.

I have fulfilled my volunteer hours – how do I get my volunteer bond back?

Please contact the Director of Volunteer Coordination

Chelsea Burnett

Director of Volunteer Coordination & Fundraising