Schedule & Results, Fall Classic, 2019-2020 (Greater Fort Erie Minor Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, October 25, 2019
Round RobiA18:30 AMLPJ St Thomas Stars 7-0Riverside Rangers
Round RobiP18:30 AMCR North Toronto 0-6Barrie Colts
Group #1BNC19:00 AMLPK Toronto Royals 3-6Brantford 99ers
Round RobiA29:40 AMLPJ Guelph Jr. Gryphons 1-1Erindale Spitfires
Round RobiP29:40 AMCR Toronto Eagles 2-1St. Catharines
Group #2BNC210:10 AMLPK Oakville Rangers 0-1Toronto Wolverines
Group #2 (XOVER)B110:50 AMCR Essex Ravens 0-0West Niagara Flying Aces
Group #2 (XOVER)B210:50 AMLPJ Whitby Wildcats 2-4GCMHA Falcons
Group #3BNC311:20 AMLPK Halton Hills Thunder 2-3Humberview Huskies
Group #2 (XOVER)B312:00 PMLPJ Richmond Hill Stars 3-3Welland Tigers
Round RobiM112:00 PMCR Essex Ravens 0-3Burlington Eagles
Group #1BNC412:30 PMLPK Brantford 99ers 1-1Leaside Flames
Round RobiP31:10 PMLPJ St. Catharines 1-4North Toronto
Round RobiM21:15 PMCR Milton Winterhawks 2-3Jr. Mustangs
Group #2BNC51:40 PMLPK Toronto Wolverines 1-1Golden Hawks
Round RobiP42:20 PMLPJ Toronto Eagles 0-5Barrie Colts
0 (XOVER)B42:30 PMCR West Niagara Flying Aces 2-3Whitby Wildcats
Round RobiA32:50 PMLPK Riverside Rangers 2-7Welland Tigers
Group #3BNC73:30 PMLPJ Humberview Huskies 1-5West Mall Lightning
0 (XOVER)B53:40 PMCR GCMHA Falcons 1-1Richmond Hill Stars
Group #1BNC64:00 PMLPK Leaside Flames 3-2Toronto Royals
Round RobiM34:40 PMLPJ Burlington Eagles 1-3Milton Winterhawks
0 (XOVER)B64:50 PMCR Welland Tigers 0-5Essex Ravens
Round RobiA45:10 PMLPK Erindale Spitfires 1-8St Thomas Stars
Round RobiM45:50 PMLPJ Jr. Mustangs 7-1Essex Ravens
Round RobiA56:20 PMLPK Welland Tigers 9-3Guelph Jr. Gryphons
Group #2BNC87:00 PMLPJ Golden Hawks 5-2Oakville Rangers
Group #3BNC97:30 PMLPK West Mall Lightning 5-2Halton Hills Thunder
Saturday, October 26, 2019
Round RobiA69:00 AMLPK St Thomas Stars 5-2Welland Tigers
Round RobiA79:40 AMLPJ Erindale Spitfires 4-4Riverside Rangers
Round RobiP510:10 AMLPK Barrie Colts 6-0St. Catharines
EliminatioBNC1010:50 AMLPJ Oakville Rangers 2-0Halton Hills Thunder
0 (XOVER)B711:20 AMLPK West Niagara Flying Aces 2-0Richmond Hill Stars
Group #2 (XOVER)B912:00 PMLPJ Essex Ravens 2-3GCMHA Falcons
Group #2 (XOVER)B812:30 PMLPK Whitby Wildcats 1-1Welland Tigers
Round RobiA81:00 PMCR Guelph Jr. Gryphons 5-3St Thomas Stars
EliminatioBNC111:10 PMLPJ Toronto Royals 2-6Toronto Wolverines
Round RobiM51:45 PMLPK Milton Winterhawks 4-0Essex Ravens
Round RobiA92:10 PMCR Welland Tigers 9-1Erindale Spitfires
EliminatioBNC122:20 PMLPJ Humberview Huskies 3-1Golden Hawks
Round RobiM63:00 PMLPK Burlington Eagles 5-2Jr. Mustangs
Round RobiP63:20 PMCR North Toronto 1-2Toronto Eagles
EliminatioBNC133:30 PMLPJ Leaside Flames 1-2Brantford 99ers
Championsh (XOVER)B104:15 PMLPK West Niagara Flying Aces 0-3Essex Ravens
Round RobiA104:30 PMCR Riverside Rangers 1-3Guelph Jr. Gryphons
EliminatioBNC144:40 PMLPJ Oakville Rangers 0-3West Mall Lightning
Championsh (XOVER)B115:50 PMLPJ Whitby Wildcats 2-1GCMHA Falcons
Sunday, October 27, 2019
ChampionshBNC158:30 AMLPK Humberview Huskies 1-5West Mall Lightning
ChampionshP79:00 AMLPJ North Toronto 3-2Toronto Eagles
ChampionshM79:50 AMLPK Jr. Mustangs 4-3Burlington Eagles
ChampionshBNC1610:20 AMLPJ Brantford 99ers 5-0Toronto Wolverines
ChampionshB1211:10 AMLPK Whitby Wildcats 0-2Essex Ravens
ChampionshA1111:40 AMLPJ Welland Tigers 3-2St Thomas Stars
ChampionshBNC1712:20 PMLPK Brantford 99ers 1-2West Mall Lightning
ChampionshP812:50 PMLPJ North Toronto 1-4Barrie Colts
ChampionshM81:40 PMLPK Jr. Mustangs 5-1Milton Winterhawks
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