Schedule & Results, Winter Challenge, 2016-2017 (Greater Fort Erie Minor Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, January 6, 2017
PW-BP18:00 AMCR Port Colborne Sailors6-2Merriton Bulldogs
PW-AP28:00 AMLP-K St. Catharines Hurricanes1-5Fort Erie Jr Meteors
AT-RRA18:30 AMLP-JC St. Catharines Hurricanes5-1Fort Erie Jr Meteors
AT-RRA29:10 AMCR Waterloo Wolves White5-2Erin Hillsburgh Devils
AT-RRA39:10 AMLP-K Schomberg Red Wings5-1Northumberland Nighthawks
PW-CP39:40 AMLP-JC Waterloo Wolves Black2-1Caledonia Thunder
PW-AP410:20 AMCR Ajax Knights4-5Leaside Flames Red
PW-CP510:20 AMLP-K Erin Hillsburgh Devils0-3Richmond Hill Stars
BAN-RRB110:50 AMLP-JC Grimsby Kings3-6Schomberg Red Wings
AT-RRA411:30 AMCR West London Hawks 5-1Petrolia Oilers
BAN-RRB211:30 AMLP-K Fort Erie Jr Meteors0-3Whitby Wildcats
AT-RRA512:00 PMLP-JC Wallaceburg Lakers4-2Orillia Terriers
NOV-RRN112:40 PMCR Schomberg Red Wings2-0Ajax Knights
NOV-RRN212:40 PMLP-K Leaside Flames White0-7Orillia Terriers
NOV-RRN31:10 PMLP-JC Oshawa Minor Generals3-0Flamborough Sabres
PW-BP61:40 PMCR Schomberg Red Wings2-4Mooretown Jr Flags
NOV-RRN41:45 PMLP-K Whitby Wildcats0-7Simcoe Warriors
AT-RRA62:20 PMLP-JC Waterloo Wolves White0-1St. Catharines Hurricanes
BAN-RRB32:50 PMCR Merriton Bulldogs1-1Frontenac Flyers
BAN-RRB42:50 PMLP-K Lincoln Blades4-2Ajax Knights
AT-RRA73:30 PMLP-JC Fort Erie Jr Meteors2-6Schomberg Red Wings
BAN-RRB54:00 PMLP-K Schomberg Red Wings4-0Fort Erie Jr Meteors
PW-CP74:00 PMCR Caledonia Thunder4-1Erin Hillsburgh Devils
AT-RRA84:40 PMLP-JC Petrolia Oilers3-5Erin Hillsburgh Devils
AT-RRA95:05 PMCR Wallaceburg Lakers3-4Northumberland Nighthawks
AT-RRA105:10 PMLP-K Orillia Terriers4-0West London Hawks
PW-AP85:50 PMLP-JC Fort Erie Jr Meteors1-5Leaside Flames Red
PW-CP96:15 PMCR Waterloo Wolves Black4-0Richmond Hill Stars
PW-BP106:20 PMLP-K Merriton Bulldogs4-5Schomberg Red Wings
PW-AP117:00 PMLP-JC St. Catharines Hurricanes1-9Ajax Knights
BAN-RRB67:25 PMCR Whitby Wildcats1-3Lincoln Blades
PW-BP127:30 PMLP-K Mooretown Jr Flags2-0Port Colborne Sailors
BAN-RRB78:10 PMLP-JC Ajax Knights10-0Merriton Bulldogs
MID-AM18:35 PMCR Ajax Knights Red3-3Fort Erie Jr Meteors
BAN-RRB88:40 PMLP-K Frontenac Flyers1-0Grimsby Kings
MID-AM29:20 PMLP-JC Bancroft Jets6-7Simcoe Warriors
MID-BM39:45 PMCR Lambton Shores Predators2-6Welland Tigers
MID-BM49:50 PMLP-K Schomberg Red Wings2-3Twin Centre Stars
Saturday, January 7, 2017
NOV-RRN58:00 AMLP-K Flamborough Sabres2-1Ajax Knights
NOV-RRN68:30 AMCR Orillia Terriers5-0Oshawa Minor Generals
NOV-RRN78:30 AMLP-JC Schomberg Red Wings4-4Whitby Wildcats
AT-RRA119:10 AMLP-K Waterloo Wolves White4-0Petrolia Oilers
AT-RRA129:40 AMCR Schomberg Red Wings3-1St. Catharines Hurricanes
NOV-RRN89:40 AMLP-JC Simcoe Warriors10-0Leaside Flames White
AT-RRA1310:20 AMLP-K Erin Hillsburgh Devils3-1Fort Erie Jr Meteors
AT-RRA1410:50 AMCR Orillia Terriers3-2Northumberland Nighthawks
AT-RRA1510:50 AMLP-JC West London Hawks 1-3Wallaceburg Lakers
PW-AP1311:30 AMLP-K Ajax Knights1-4Fort Erie Jr Meteors
PW-AP1412:00 PMCR Leaside Flames Red10-1St. Catharines Hurricanes
PW-BP1512:00 PMLP-JC Schomberg Red Wings6-2Port Colborne Sailors
PW-CP1612:40 PMLP-K Richmond Hill Stars0-3Caledonia Thunder
PW-CP171:10 PMCR Waterloo Wolves Black9-0Erin Hillsburgh Devils
PW-BP181:10 PMLP-JC Merriton Bulldogs0-3Mooretown Jr Flags
MID-AM51:50 PMLP-K Fort Erie Jr Meteors0-5Simcoe Warriors
MID-BM62:20 PMLP-JC Welland Tigers1-2Schomberg Red Wings
NOV-RRN92:20 PMCR Simcoe Warriors8-0Flamborough Sabres
MID-AM73:00 PMLP-K Ajax Knights Red1-3Bancroft Jets
AT-CHA16 QF3:30 PMCR Wallaceburg Lakers2-1Orillia Terriers
MID-BM83:30 PMLP-JC Twin Centre Stars10-0Lambton Shores Predators
NOV-RRN104:10 PMLP-K Oshawa Minor Generals2-0Schomberg Red Wings
NOV-RRN114:40 PMLP-JC Ajax Knights3-6Orillia Terriers
NOV-RRN124:45 PMCR Leaside Flames White1-3Whitby Wildcats
PW-CHP19 QF5:15 PMLP-K Fort Erie Jr Meteors2-4Caledonia Thunder
PW-CHP20 QF5:45 PMLP-JC Schomberg Red Wings2-1Leaside Flames Red
BAN-RRB95:55 PMCR Grimsby Kings3-6Ajax Knights
BAN-RRB107:00 PMLP-JC Frontenac Flyers4-2Fort Erie Jr Meteors
BAN-RRB117:05 PMCR Lincoln Blades3-1Schomberg Red Wings
BAN-RRB128:10 PMLP-JC Merriton Bulldogs1-4Whitby Wildcats
MID-AM98:15 PMCR Bancroft Jets5-1Fort Erie Jr Meteors
MID-AM109:20 PMLP-JC Simcoe Warriors6-2Ajax Knights Red
MID-BM119:25 PMCR Schomberg Red Wings4-1Lambton Shores Predators
MID-BM129:30 PMLP-K Twin Centre Stars0-1Welland Tigers
Sunday, January 8, 2017
AT-CHA17 SF8:00 AMLP-K Wallaceburg Lakers3-2Schomberg Red Wings
NOV-CHN13 SF8:00 AMCR Schomberg Red Wings0-4Simcoe Warriors
AT-CHA18 SF8:30 AMLP-JC St. Catharines Hurricanes0-2Waterloo Wolves White
NOV-CHN14 SF9:15 AMCR Oshawa Minor Generals2-0Orillia Terriers
PW-CHP21 SF9:15 AMLP-K Schomberg Red Wings0-6Waterloo Wolves Black
PW-CHP22 SF9:45 AMLP-JC Caledonia Thunder7-3Mooretown Jr Flags
BAN-CHB13 SF10:30 AMLP-K Whitby Wildcats0-3Lincoln Blades
BAN-CHB14 SF11:00 AMLP-JC Ajax Knights3-1Frontenac Flyers
MID-CHM13 SF11:45 AMLP-K Welland Tigers1-4Simcoe Warriors
MID-CHM14 SF12:15 PMLP-JC Bancroft Jets3-1Twin Centre Stars
AT-CHA19 Final1:00 PMLP-K Wallaceburg Lakers1-0Waterloo Wolves White
NOV-CHN15 Final1:30 PMLP-JC Oshawa Minor Generals1-7Simcoe Warriors
PW-CHP23 Final2:20 PMLP-K Caledonia Thunder1-2Waterloo Wolves Black
BAN-CHB15 Final3:40 PMLP-K Ajax Knights0-1Lincoln Blades
MID-CHM15 Final5:00 PMLP-K Bancroft Jets0-3Simcoe Warriors
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